Reflecting On What To Do To Make It Better.

There’s a lot to be totally pissed off about in the world, if you let it get to you. There must be some things that you control in your life. The amount of things that piss you off, or the amount of time you spend dwelling on them must be a couple of ’em. Don’t let it get to you to the point where it poisons your soul. I’d guess you won’t be able to attract positive, constructive people, if all’s they see of you is constant screeching about the things that piss you off. There is more to you. There’s probably a part of you that remembers being happier. Re-connect with the things that made you happier, before letting people who probably aren’t all that concerned with you see you as someone who is perpetually unhappy. Some of those people might find an interest in you, if they saw more of the happier side of you.

Just a little self-reflection, but I see it in a lot of other people, too, and realise there’s a lot of people who seem to be in that boat.


One comment on “Reflecting On What To Do To Make It Better.

  1. I have managed to cultivate an even temper, through the years. You are right there are many ticked off people I see.

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