ICANN and Free Speech or Censorship

For an administration that has used the IRS to target political opponents, it’s not that big of a stretch to say their decision to give up U.S. control of ICANN has to do with their desire to suppress free speech. When Rachel Ray is on her cooking show promoting a government program, that should tell you something about how the government and corporations are working together. As such, the news organisations are just corporate extensions of the government. The internet is the only true free speech left, mostly free of corporate influence. Imagine Iran and Saudi Arabia in charge of what you can say on the internet.

(Fill in the blank) is about Power

I always hear “rape is about power”. Honest question, isn’t feminism about power, also? Isn’t that why we have some lady testifying before congress demanding that other’s pay for her birth control? Isn’t that why the federal government is telling some business owner “you must provide insurance that includes abortificients to your employees”? Isn’t that why Prohibition was enacted? (Because women wanted men to stop drinking.) Feminism, in its modern form, appears to be about passing laws to control others.

Feminism, like any other special interest, looks to pass laws that only applies to their special interest, such as violence against women act, but then turn around and demand equality in some other arena. This schizophrenia has always been a hallmark of leftism: They don’t see any contradiction when arguing for contrary things. They’re completely blind to it. This is the same nonsense I read over and over again from people who say “it’s not racism, it’s not sexism, when you discriminate against white people, or white men, because there’s so many of them” or some such nonsense. The 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to white people, in their view. Hey, these modern activists left behind that “content of character” thing a long time ago, but they still hide behind the legacy of the man who uttered those words when challenged.

I’ll take this a step further. How much money do you think is spent every year marketing to women? I see parents concerned about the messages media advertising sends to their daughters all of the time. Apparently, these corporate interests lobby congress to pass laws. I don’t think it has ever dawned on the people who argue for feminist laws that they’re shilling for corporate interests. Who stands to benefit from a law mandating that ordinary citizens pay for woman-oriented products, even if they don’t themselves use them?

There is a final paragraph that I wish I could find words to express myself, but I’m not sure if I can do it now.

one little white boy’s mind gone

There’s so many of them

No one will notice

one little white boy’s mind gone

it’s okay to take it out on them

that’s the message I chose to believe

it’s just one little white boy

with his mind gone

who won’t grow up to be

my imaginary oppressor

There’s so many of them

no one will miss

one little white boy’s mind gone


tennis ball

Random Memories I Don’t Mean To Dwell On

heh. it was a game of catch with a tennis ball that the guy lured me into the alley. Just was thinking about that, when I noticed a tennis ball sitting on the counter. Never even thought about that before. Not like I’ve ever seen a tennis ball before, and it elicited that memory. The tennis ball on the counter is from trying to figure out how to get a tennis ball out of a pringles can. The memory is from thinking about the stupid shit that drives me crazy that I see online. Probably first time I’ve made that particular connection. 1970-72, somewhere around there. I was between 4 and 6. Wrong neighbourhood to be a blonde haired kid and play catch with strangers, I’ve always figured. Didn’t help that all the little girls wanted to play kissy face, maybe, but there’s no way of knowing if that had anything to do with it.

Ditty For Thursday

As much as I practise when I do practise, you’d think I could play stuff like this at will. I don’t remember how to play it, but need to post it everywhere as a reminder to figure it out again.