Geographic Background Clark County Nevada

BLM Closure Map


Clark County, NV GIS map


Bundy protest site


1873 map of area

1879 map of area

1888 map area showing bunkerville & mesquite, NV

1897 map are of bunkerville, NV



(from )


No patent was ever granted to the name Bundy, if this search query is correct. ( Not conclusive, but for sake of completeness.)

I don’t know what the land rights the BLM attempted to buy from the rancher, but I don’t believe the rancher claims to be a patentee. The reason I find this interesting, is if the BLM is asserting an authority, why did they first try to buy whatever land rights it is the rancher owned? In any event, I don’t know the name of the rancher’s ancestor who purportedly secured the rights that were passed through generation. I think it’s important to note, that the ancestors *sold* the rights, so there should be legal records somewhere.

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