Major Respect To BLM Agents On The Ground For Averting A Tragedy

Before I say anything, I *hate* sharing infowar links. That said, this is a pretty moving video, and well, if my animosity towards infowars is mis-placed, my apologies.


That said, The BLM on the ground did the smart thing by standing down. This was an absurd situation, and I’m sure the agents weren’t exactly thrilled with the whole thing.  I applaud their decision to walk away from this situation. Purportedly over a freaking tortoise that is thriving on the land in question. The video is chilling, to any one who’s lived through the incidences where the government refused to back down, and people ended up dead needlessly.


Anyway, this probably was a historic moment, and so give infowars credit where due for capturing and sharing it.

God bless, and be careful out there.


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