L.A. Clippers Owner’s Girlfriend, Al Sharpton, and Voter ID, Herpes

I see that the L.A. Clippers owner is scheduled to receive his 2cd Lifetime Achievement Award from the NAACP, along with racist theologian Al Sharpton in May. He’s also now under fire for making comments to his “girlfriend” about posting pictures of herself online with black celebrities. Judging by the owner’s previous depositions, I’m not going to assume too much about what kind of relationship they have. I did stumble across a graph that showed the breakdown by race of herpes amongst different demographics.

Today, I see Sharpton in a picture with Obama in a story about voter fraud or their opposition to voter ID. Made me think of Coleman Young, the former long-time mayor of Detroit, and a comment about the “Detroiting of the United States”. It suddenly seemed an apt comparison. I had a brief struggle with my natural tendency to defend my hometown versus reality, and reality won, rather easily. Someone had once made a comment about corrupt inner city black politicians, and I had a similar struggle, my natural tendency to want to stand up to what sound like racist comments versus reality, and while the debate lasted a little longer, reality once again won that one, too. But I don’t think it’s really about racism; the only aspect of race involved is in the self-chosen tribalism of many American blacks, in that they culturally stick up for someone based on their skin colour without really considering whether the candidate is worth a crap or not.


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