Empowerment Without Responsibility

Government is force, and Empowerment is about power, although not necessarily responsibility. People who are responsible for nothing, yet have the force of government behind them, well, that’s just not a very strong recipe.


It’s About Power

Blanket statements rarely cover every case, I think. For instance, I often read “rape isn’t about sex, it’s about power”, and think, yes, in a lot of cases that’s probably true. But, then, well, what do I know, really about it? Not much. In my case, I think that the guy who attacked me, it was probably more about power than sex. But I don’t have any way of knowing, like so many other questions a victim of a hateful crime is left pondering in the aftermath. I suspect I was targeted because of my blonde hair and blue eyes in a neighbourhood of dark skin and brown eyes. I don’t think the guy was turned on by me as a little boy, I think he just wanted to take his frustrations about how he felt about people of my complexion out on a vulnerable person who fit the description.


Meh, I don’t want to write about this right now.

Time For Feminists To Resuscitate Chivalry As A Virtue In Men

I got a little pissed at someone lying about Benghazi being related to budget cuts yesterday, (the state dept almost doubled between 2007 and 2012, for one thing, the state dept itself says budget cuts had nothing to do with it, but anyway), it just seemed terribly insensitive on Memorial Day to be making political hay over 4 Americans who died for their country. But anyway, then I click over to twitter, and I see this #yesallwomen hashtag making some comment about the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. Something to the effect of not all boys get kidnapped yada yada. 

I don’t know how the whole yes all women thing came about, I think it was in response to a #notallmen hashtag. I’m just guessing, and not in the mood to check, but I suppose the not all men hashtag was basically men saying, hey, not all men are rapist doucebags. The yesall women one has been harping along in my time line, and I suppose it’s to draw attention to the fact that, yes, women are subjected to attention by men. I’m not a biologist, so, I’m not going to explain anything new on that front.

The overall theme of the women seems to be “we need to teach boys not to rape”. We used to do that, believe it or not. Back when families had fathers, there was this thing called chivalry. Back then, girls had Ladies as role models; hard to imagine, I know, but now they have divas as role models, (Beyonce’s Billion dollar divorce! Screams the supermarket tabloid today as I’m waiting in the checkout line). 

As a people, we’re so fractured into so many divisions, I couldn’t even paint a target on what it seems to me like is going on. Feminisim, homosexuals, this or that, it all is so basically divisive that it’d be like trying to shoot all of the fragments of a clay pigeon after someone else already shot the whole thing to pieces. 

I remain convinced that men and women are by nature, designed to be complimentary to one another. All of this other B.S. is just too tiring to go into. You want to be treated like a lady, start acting like one. You want men to act more chivalrous towards women, starting treating men like your compliment instead of constantly harping on them with their inherent patriarchal oppressiveness.

There’s more I could say on this whole Free Love movement’s consequences on how women are treated by men but, let’s just say, hey, you want recreational, consequence free sex, right? Well, it turns out there are consequences on how you will be valued. 


I used to rig with cranes, so non-verbal communications via hand signals was an important part of my life at one time. There’s someone at work who seems to understand this, and while I can’t explain it, we have passing moments of facial expressions or whatever that is communication on a very basic level. Something I feel more comfortable sometimes than speaking, when I might mispronounce a word, or blurt out something inappropriate. 

I bring this up now, because I alluded to sometimes going in to a frame of mind yesterday, that this seems to have a lot to do with. 

The Un-Internalized Self

Don’t like to talk about this stuff, and especially when I just got back from the store with a few beers, so let me just blast it out, and be done with it for now

I know for almost 40 years I internalized something that happened to me in a way, that I always felt gave me strength. Then, one year, a high profile case came out in the media, and suddenly, I tried to stop internalizing it. I tried to talk about it. And the more I’ve talked about it, the less good I felt about any of it. So, I’m kind of gravitating towards I wish I could re-internalize it, but I don’t think that’s exactly possible. So, eventually I’ll find a new way to go on with my life.

Someone posted a link about Neuro-language programming on facebook. I don’t know that I’d ever heard of it, but the theory behind it, as little as I understand it seems to make sense to me, that people would attempt this. What are chants, prayers, team cheers, if not an example of how we as people try to do this? Unexpectedly, though, through googling about it, I find myself reading what I’ll just assume are somewhat conspiracy minded sites, (I mean, hey, maybe people just like butterflies, okay? Does *everything* have to be about the illumanti and mind control?). Hey, it’s the weekend, so I occasionally allow my mind to wander down these twisty turny paths. And to be honest, there are certain chords that resonate with how I see things: Want to make it in the entertainment industry? Yes, I think anti-religious religous imagery is going to give your career a much wider audience than your talent alone might. I’ve felt that for a long time. But I’ve tried not to let it offend me to the point where I can’t have any fun singing along with AC/DC or Black Sabbath, (even though when I was young, I wasn’t particularly impressed with either of the bands).

But I’m going off on a rare tangent. Back to the topic of “programming” through language, I was reading about symbolism, and, well, there does seem to be a disturbing history of attempts at mind control, obviously by people in power. But how they described the “victims” is what hit a chord; talking about associative personalities and the like. How certain things might trigger an emotional response, as one article put it, that renders a person in the state of mind of a 3 year old. This is something I’ve found myself experiencing, and while not quite understanding it, other than to assume it’s related to a childhood incident, I’ve just sort of accepted that I sometimes enter into this frame of mind. It is very different than the internalized personality that I’ve carried with me most of my life. I don’t quite look at it as a separate personality, per se, but a facet of my ever-developing personality. 

In short, reading up on a subject about neuro-lingual programming, I came across a lot of “literature” that I saw a lot of parallels with modern life, (not just my own experience), even if I felt like most of the literature was a little too out there for me to want to mire my thoughts too deeply in it. That’s the thing about symbolism, to me. It’s about not letting it get to you, even if you have to admit that it affects you in some way. 

There’s thousands of more words I can say on the subject, but I think I’ll just let it go at that, for now.