The Left Are Increasingly Coming Out As Nazis

It was VE day a couple days ago. A day when an Australian school teacher said Nazism was “unfettered capitalism”, and people proceeded to explain that, no, it was quite the opposite. Nazism was national socialism. Very simple. The fact that people like this school teacher exist tells me the world will soon forget the lessons of VE day, as too much of it quite simply has.


The Nazis shamed Jewish businesses. Today’s anti-Christian leftist bloggers threaten businesses who employ outspoken Christians. While the leftist administration of Obama/Clinton were running around arming Mexican drug cartels in order to pass legislation to limit American’s access to guns, (like the Nazis did to their citizens), and dabbling their professional arms dealer fingers in Libya making sure Islamic extremists were getting as many of the recently “liberated” weapons from Qaddafy’s regime, like Boko Haram and whoever is slaughtering Christians in Syria, well back home, be thankful they’re just trying to drive Christians into hiding, so far.


Until Boko Haram very publicly harmed that most valuable marketing demographic of women, the Obama/Clintons fought hard to make sure guns were getting into the hands of anti-Christian Islamic militants, by refusing to call Boko Haram a terrorist organisation.

Leftists are dangerously stupid. But they are useful in making public the decent people who they vehemently disagree with, so let’s take advantage of that stupidity, and make sure when they publicly try to shame someone, we publicly honour them.

Might as well point out, the things they find most offensive: traditional marriage, common decency, oh, I don’t know the list goes on. Maybe that’s a different subject.


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