I keep seeing this yesallwomen hashtag, and see everything from the kidnapped girls in Nigeria to “rape culture” being invoked as evidence of, well, whatever this overly broad generalisation is all about. 

Let me say, I sympathise that women have a much different role in the procreation of our species, and I wouldn’t trade places when it comes to the gestation and raising of offspring. I think there’s very good reason for the social conventions that include “women and children first”. 

Where the hashtag loses my interest, and indeed invites a fair amount of scorn and ridicule, is in that it’s being used in an inherently divisive way, it seems to me. Not to mention that it seems like one of the most egregious examples of persecution of a woman in the current news isn’t even mentioned, at least by anyone I’ve seen promoting the hashtag. It seems like an “us versus them” cause rather than a “we’re all in this together” type of awareness-raising. You might as well have a “YesAllMountainGoatsButtHeads” campaign to raise awareness that natural instincts are a part of behaviour.

In that sense, how about we start by never including the words ‘culture’ and ‘rape’ in a phrase to describe either ‘rape’ or ‘culture’? Rape is not a part of culture, it’s the antithesis to culture. 



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