Western Journalism’s Finest Moment

We’re waiting to see how Israel will respond to the cease-fire. Never mind that Hamas rocket soaring overhead. ¬†Sometimes we see that. That’s just the normal stuff we apologise for. Gee, never crossed her mind “I hope no Israeli children are maimed by that rocket” because that doesn’t even cross her media trained talking points-addled brain.


The Game of Identity Politics

Politically, the world’s just been served up a steaming pile of “it’s time for a black man to be president of the U.S.A.”, next up, we’re about to be served up a heaping helping of “it’s time for a woman to be president of the U.S.A.”.

Just identity politics, coming to fruition. A person’s qualifications are based entirely on what identity groups they appeal to. Nothing to do with running the country into the ground or not. Just having fun with identity politics. Who cares how many refugees inept foreign policy creates. We’re playing games here.

Tune In To One Channel At A Time

The trick, which I haven’t learned yet, is to channel the bursts of creativity. I generally get overwhelmed with all of the different ideas I have to the point where I can’t sit down and focus on one thing, when the many ideas come flooding at me.

I was listening to a video on my phone last night with the ear buds, when I saw a video on the computer I wanted to watch, and as I reached for the headphones, I realised this might not work.


“The first _____ to do this or that” sensationalism sort of robs an individual of their individual achievement. Hey, this person did something phenomenal! But he or she was the first person of ____ to do that? Doesn’t that make it more phenomenal? N’aw, it just means white dudes been doing that shit since forever, when you put it like that. Why not celebrate an individual’s individual achievement, for a change, without making poster children, for a change?