These words damage my fragile psyche

I realise it’s all identity politics. You shouldn’t say this word around this person, or this phrase around that one. Because, you don’t want to be bigot, do you. #likeabigot probably should trend on twitter someday, just so I can say: “See! You discriminate against people all the time! Just like you accuse others of doing.”

Here’s the problem I have with wildly popular girl power hashtag stuff: It makes women look neurotic as hell, and frankly, I don’t see them that way. Why are women insisting on destroying my illusion of how awesome they are by tweeting out this narcissistic bullshit like “Wow, a woman was in science and discovered this or that?” Well, hey, you know. I kinda knew women were highly capable of complex science a long time ago. Just because this number or that number of them choose to pursue it as a career, (science is a business, if you haven’t been too deep into higher scholastics), why should I be shocked or surprised when one decides to go that route? It doesn’t shock me nearly as much as the people who want to make poster children out of every woman who decides to go the science route. It sort of pisses me off, in a way that I guess I just want to defend the women I’ve known who have taken on “traditional male” roles in my life. Never heard a one of ’em complain about being a woman in a male dominated field. And yet here’s all of these keyboard warriors acting like a strong, smart woman is the exception. I’ve got news for you, sisters, I grew up with strong women. I’ve always had tremendous respect for them. You seem to be acting like there’s some kind of fragile psyche unique to women that we need to make special exceptions for. I’ve never met a strong woman that expected special treatment for being a woman. You seem to be implying that women are weak and need our hashtag support. Utter bullshit. I’ve worked with women who were tougher than I at hard physical work, I’ve worked with them at hard, technical work. I never heard a one of ’em act like they needed any special treatment. And that’s what your hashtag campaign seems to imply. “You might damage my fragile psyche.”


Here, a woman puts it in more succinct terms than I could, now matter how many I used, or how I rearranged them.



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