One Thing Leads To Another

Take the world as it is, I guess.

There’s a lot of bad news in the world right now. And the things that are important to some people are going to seem trivial to someone else. I follow mostly women on social media, I notice, and so I see far more stuff that seems to originate from a more feminist point of view than I really care to see. It irks me, at times. I get kind of tired of special interest stuff after a while, and yet, well, day after day I read stuff from points of view that not only don’t interest me, they sort of rub me the wrong way. If you’re easily offended, maybe the internet’s not the right place for you, right?

Worldwide, I read there are currently 44 wars related to the radical muslim system of human rights abuse. Yet I read stuff about homosexual marriage, and woman power, because that seems to be what others see as being the pressing issues of our time. While we’re spending our time in self-reflection about this or that particular sub-group’s particular issues, there is a real movement afoot to seriously, seriously jeopardize pretty much all subgroups that don’t kowtow to their system of human rights abuse.

So, I react poorly to it sometimes. Guess I’m just stressed out at a world seemingly spiraling out of control. But what I see as spiraling out of control, other people are celebrating as progress. So, it kind of gets a bit frustrating.

I don’t think on a historical level, we’re probably any more or less as a whole, divided than at any other time in history, but within the time frame of my lifetime, it certainly seems that way.

Unfortunately for me, I belong to the demographic who is openly demonized in this day and age, so not many are really interested in my thoughts, which I don’t express that well to begin with, I confess.

I see cause and effect between things going on, that others don’t see. I see feminism, once supposed to be about equality, but now pretty much just about political power as being something related to the rise in homosexuality. We idolize women in a way that I think has replaced what I would say was a more wholesome role that had its own place of respect in society. Now we follow crassness as a virtue. Most normal women don’t act crass, but they seem to follow the same belief system, or agenda, the more crass, public figure types are championing.

As I said, I see cause and effects in this new feminism. I think it’s directly related to the increase in transgender (to the point of deliberate disfigurement to appear more as a woman) and homosexuality in men. Women have set up a special club, and some men want either in that special club, or their own special club. To me, I don’t see any way of not seeing the things as being directly relatable. I don’t think most people see it the same, I don’t know. I guess I should ask them.

Like I said at the beginning, you have to take the world as it is, not as you would like it to be. So, well, let’s see. The world as I see it, (and I no two people see it the same), has become far more immoral, and there are consequences to that. The cause and effect. We live in a society that promotes abortion in the name of recreational sex. That we’ve become a society that has a pretty callous disregard for human life is certainly going to have an effect on how we treat one another, isn’t it? I don’t think it’s going to earn women more respect from men when they are no longer view woman as having a special role in the procreation of the human race. There will still be the same respect there’s always been for having that role, but there’s certainly not going to be more. By making such a fierce argument for being the sole arbitrator of life and death of a human being created jointly by two people, I would expect that would lead to a little resentment among some men who’s role in the process has been diminished to having their fate decided by the other partner. If the man wants the baby, he has no say if the “mother to be” doesn’t. If he doesn’t want the baby, he has no say if the “mother to be” decides to have it. The man’s economic future is in the hands of his partner’s decision, and there is nothing he can do about it. I just don’t see that as building any bridges in human relations between the sexes. The force of government is squarely behind the woman. The man has become more powerless. To me, that’s the source of what eventually is going to lead to all of these alternative lifestyles becoming the norm.

Hey, it’d be nice if sex was simple, wouldn’t it? But if it’s just about following urges for pleasure, and completely divorced from natural consequences, well, it’s not hard to see, to me, how unnatural it could become. New extremes replace the old relatively tame ones. And the old extremes become the new norms. And the extremes don’t have a lot to do with respect, quite the opposite. But let’s go ahead and drive those social wedges deeper between decency and deviancy. It doesn’t look to me like there’s any turning back, at this point.

And so while we’re busy shaping a more inclusive society, to include things that frankly are probably not really healthy for society as a whole, the world around us is rudderless, with no moral compass. The leftists hate Christians to the point their slaughter worldwide isn’t paid much attention to. But those same people doing the slaughtering will be here soon. And while we’re busy promoting all of the things they hate us for, well, we’re just feeding them with more reason to hate us. They frankly want us dead, for the most part. But that’s not newsworthy, apparently. Gay marriage and legalising drugs, now those are news items we can use.


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