This blank sheet of paper

Isn’t because I don’t have anything to say

It’s because I have too many thoughts

Competing for limited space

On too many topics

All bottled up 

Inside of me


I’m a little afraid

Of what I might say

If I ever broke free 

That bottleneck inside of me

The Recurring Nordic Model

Regularly encounter the Norway/Denmark/Sweden societies are based on this or that version of socialism, and doesn’t that sound so much better than the U.S.? So, I guess I need to put in one place where I can reference this over and over and over again.

Corporate tax rate 22% vs 35%.

Denmark and Norway allow private firms to run public hospitals…


Here’s an older article singing the praises of Norway’s socialism.


I might add to this later. Bored by it for now.

Caucasianism, Masculism

I have to admit, I’m pretty weary of reading about feminism. I’m not against some of its stated goals, but the whole Sandra Fluke thing sort of made me believe the movement has become just another Give Me Free Stuff movement. While I’m personally against having anything to do with abortion, I’ve never argued that it should be illegal. I’ve simply said I want no part of it, and that includes being forced to pay for it through government coercion.

I think it’s sad that we’ve been forced to choose between all of these labels, but I’m left with the realisation that white men, straight ones, especially, really don’t have much political sway in the arguments of the day. This doesn’t involve you, they’ll say. 

Well, if there’s nothing wrong with being a feminist, then there’s nothing wrong with being a masculinist. If there’s nothing wrong with “Black Power” or “Latino Power”, then there’s nothing wrong with being a Caucasianist. I pretty much resisted going this route, but since what I have to say seems pretty inconsequential, any way, why not. It wasn’t really by choice, it was more a matter of being backed into a corner.

Changing Media Narrative On Ferguson Riots/Petty Thief Getting Shot

For a few weeks the media has been putting forth the story in these terms: “Police shoot unarmed man.” Then, well I’m watchin’ a movie in between typing this, so let’s just do the bullet points I can remember, (remember how many times the story changed after OBL’s assassination?)

Unarmed man shot by cops

White cop shoots unarmed black scholar

Peaceful protest

Riots and looting

Police response

Criticism of police response

Militarism of the police

Video showing suspect robbing convenience store, (minutes before getting in fatal altercation with police)

rioting increases after video is released.

president interjects his usual platitudes into the fray

No here’s where I misuderstood the rioters. I would’ve thought, the new information that this guy was a thug who wouldn’t have got himself shot if he hadn’t got in a fight with a cop responding to the robbery, that maybe people with a little sense would’ve thought, hey, maybe this rioting thing isn’t helping our case. No, there’s something that has been infused into Black America that has reinforced the behaviour, no matter what facts get in the way.

Here’s the thing. I have no idea what happened at the scene where the petty thief got himself shot. I don’t know if the cop was right or wrong. I don’t know if there was or wasn’t a struggle. 

What I do know, is none of that matters. Because the rioting and looting blacks have become the thing that matters. A petty thief is dead, probably as a result of his own actions. The rioting and looting is just a megaphone of who the petty thief was.


update: I hate everything about this case. I hate that there’s a part of our culture so conditioned to think this way.