Hi, Readers From The World

Not sure what brought you to read here, but welcome. I’m just some guy scribbling random thoughts in no particular order. There’s currently no focus to this space, but thank you for stopping by. If you’d like to start a dialogue, simply leave a comment. Thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope you have a great day, or night, and live a wonderfully full live full of adventure.


United States United States 3,142
Canada Canada 111
United Kingdom United Kingdom 91
Brazil Brazil 52
Indonesia Indonesia 36
Germany Germany 35
France France 23
India India 20
Australia Australia 16
Russian Federation Russian Federation 15
Italy Italy 13
Greece Greece 11
Turkey Turkey 10
Taiwan Taiwan 9
Japan Japan 9
Philippines Philippines 9
Thailand Thailand 7
Poland Poland 7
Ecuador Ecuador 7
Netherlands Netherlands 7
Colombia Colombia 6
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 6
Argentina Argentina 5
Mexico Mexico 5
Spain Spain 5
New Zealand New Zealand 5
Venezuela Venezuela 4
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 4
Korea, Republic of Republic of Korea 4
Hungary Hungary 3
Malaysia Malaysia 3
Ireland Ireland 3
Serbia Serbia 2
Iraq Iraq 2
Switzerland Switzerland 2
Hong Kong Hong Kong 2
Costa Rica Costa Rica 2
Belgium Belgium 2
South Africa South Africa 2
Uruguay Uruguay 2
Palestinian Territory, Occupied Palestine, State of 1
Croatia Croatia 1
Libya Libya 1
Morocco Morocco 1
Romania Romania 1
Malta Malta 1
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia 1
Moldova, Republic of Moldova 1
Peru Peru 1
Nigeria Nigeria 1
Norway Norway 1
Guernsey Guernsey 1
Nepal Nepal 1
Sweden Sweden 1
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 1
Singapore Singapore 1
Israel Israel 1
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic 1
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 1
Lithuania Lithuania 1
Bangladesh Bangladesh 1
Chile Chile 1
Pakistan Pakistan 1
Montenegro Montenegro 1
Cambodia Cambodia 1
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago 1
Haiti Haiti 1
Angola Angola 1

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