Special Interest Groups Create Institutionalised Discrimination.

The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits. — Plutarch (c. AD 46 – AD 120)


I’ll try to look up the link that prompted these thoughts after I write them down. I’ve mentioned before, most of the folks I follow on facebook are women, mothers, and mothers of young girls, specifically. So I see a lot of what I call the “girl power” updates on a daily basis. I think a lot of what they bring up is valid affirmation type of stuff that any normal parent would think and talk about.

Some of it, though, kind of irks me, in the “special interest civil rights movement” type of tribalism that I think is entirely divisive, exclusive, and downright discriminatory in nature. I think a lot of how the civil rights movement’s gains were perceived are pretty much the standard model for any group of people, (well, okay, exceptin’ white males, of course), to stir up the pot, and start enacting taxpayer funded programs based on lobbying by their particular special interest groups. It worked for blacks, it’s working for women, latinos, gays, and muslims. Our laws and regulations based on discriminating on these bases definitely don’t meet the “equal protections” clause, in my mind. They are specially funded programs that do not universally apply. Any person who claims to be about equality should be abhorred by the stuff. But, the way things are going, it’s all crony government. Whoever has the most powerful lobby wins stuff at the expense of those excluded, yes, discriminated against, from those programs. It’s what special interests do.

Back to the article. A young lady decided to dress up and secretly record men acting lewd towards her. I’m not defending the men’s reactions. I remember when men tipped their hats to ladies, held doors for ladies, made all kinds of signs of deference and respect to ladies. I suppose maybe ladies dressed more modestly back then, I don’t know. I know they dress a lot different now. I don’t mind, and I’m not saying that’s the sole cause of how men’s attitudes towards women has become baser, but well, let’s face it, a lot has changed since a man’s default reaction to seeing a woman was a tip of the hat, or holding a door. The most obvious thing being women decided they didn’t want that deference and respect, whether consciously, or unconsciously. I read men saying they are met with glares or harsh words when they demonstrate any sign of what we once called chivalry. Okay, so the women have grown more defensive toward any sign of acknowledgement from a stranger on the street, for one thing. No problem. Totally understandable, as men probably have grown cruder, as well, since all of our, both men and women’s sense of decency has left the building a long time ago. Didn’t happen overnight, but the social dynamics have slowly been changing. We’re in the hook-up culture now. Women don’t need men. Men don’t treat women with the respect they used to when they did, is one possibility. Now women are free to treat men differently.

Okay, well, that’s why they’re called dynamics, things change. So, what has happened? Well, the traditional family structure that used to be the basic building block of our culture has pretty much been decimated. To even defend that standard in today’s world is seen as well, beyond blasphemous. We worship at the alter of the special interest groups that can work the system so that taxpayers pay for their free stuff, and to speak out against it is to be demonized by the federal government. Billions of dollars of tax money is being dished out to special interest group “non-profits” who make a pretty decent living, without making a profit, apparently.

So, back, once again, to the article, which had a short video, well, I say it was short, because when our heroine uttered the words “I know what I was wearing was provocative…” I immediately stopped watching the video, clicked the x button on the webpage, and quit reading. So, this lady provoked men to get a reaction. And of course, the women all identified with being hit on, so immediately started clucking about what a great video this is, and it shows how men are pigs, and so on, and so on, and so on. You see, this is not the best example of empowered women demonstrating critical thinking I can think of.  A woman deliberately manipulates a man. How’s that for living up to a pretty unflattering stereotype? The point is, from a critical thinking point of view, the moment the young lady admitted she deliberately set up the men in the video, I mean “provocative” is related to “provoked”, right, there was no, let’s say scientific basis to anything she had to say. This was really bad science.  But, well, it wasn’t supposed to be science. It was designed to appeal to emotion, and to generate a specific emotional reaction, and well, from the comments I read, pretty much every single woman who commented bit that hook, line, and sinker right up past the reel. Ready for me to point out another negative stereotype about how women react to things irrationally and emotionally, rather than with reasoning and critical thinking? Yeah, well, I’m just pointing out the stereotype, here, I’m not trying to perpetuate it. I’m just pointing out that women themselves are perpetuating the stereotypes.

Let’s face some basic facts of nature. Males and Females are different. And thank God, ‘cuz I’d hate to live in a world without females. I was watching a Dirty Jobs episode with Mike Rowe, the other day, after starting to read that article, and they said “we’re going to geld the horse”. You mean? Yeah. If we don’t, the male horses get aggressive with the mares. Whoa, whoa, whoa, here. Now. I’m not suggesting that we “geld” male humans so they treat women with more respect on the street. I’m saying that maybe you need to take into account basic animal nature, the way it existed before everybody split up into their own special interest groups and started pretending basic animal biology didn’t really exist. As someone who has lived his whole life outside of these special interest groups, it’s something I’ve seen again and again, once the ball starts rolling. “We’ve got power now! Let’s keep changing the world!” Then, boom! “Whoa, the world outside of our fishbowl of ideas is still following the “laws” of nature.”

Look, there are two cultural extremes of ideas very much at war in the world today. You’ve got the Western ideal of women, which is basically, if a woman wants to go out jogging in a sports bra and spandex booty shorts, we’re pretty much fine with that. I think most men privately do a little ogling, but hopefully, the women go pretty much unharrassed. Now, I live in Florida, and seeing women showing off in brightly coloured pieces of tiny skintight fabric is probably more the norm here, than in a Northern city.

That brings us to the other extreme ideal of how women should appear in public, brought to you by another highly influential special interest group. You can google burqas on your own. I don’t feel talking about that extreme right now, other than, hey, you ladies who want to go running around in whatever clothes, you’d better be paying attention to your competing special interest group. Since white males have no special interest group, we’re pretty much powerless, politically, from stopping them.  We’re rooting for you, ladies, but you’ve got to realise, picking on male’s for having natural reactions isn’t going to do you a lot of good in the larger cultural war that is already becoming more influential in our own government, thanks to a couple of recent elections, where the special interests seemed to unite behind the same party, so they could start getting their special interest free stuff, and make history, and well, basically act like a bunch of screaming girls at a Beatles concert.

Look, I’m not the guy to lecture ladies on modesty. I don’t have a daughter of my own, but if I did, you can be damn sure I’d be a lot more interested in promoting it from that point of view, as a parent. But, as a single man, if you’re raising your daughters that it’s okay to tease men sexually, or provocatively, or whatever word you want to use to describe it, I’m just saying, I don’t think you’re sending the right message, in a world full of mixed messages. And, hey, you know, if you’re trying to teach your daughter to be treated with respect on the street, hmmm, well, that might be a place to start.

One last thing on special interests, and my special place in hell for them all: They are not about individual empowerment. They are about collectively imposing their will on others. You want to trace why individual liberties have eroded so fast in America over the last 4 decades, I’d suggest you start looking at the cronyism that special interest lobbying has infused into our system of government.


Just a single straight white guy with no political power to change anything.



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