Human dismemberment

A thought that’s occurred to me more than once, is how abhorrent some of the stuff humans do to one another is so unpalatable that no one in their right mind would want to see it. But then I’m reminded of ancient Rome, and the daily spectacles of gladiators fighting to the death in coliseums, and wonder. We seem to have this bloodlust wired into us. Bored citizens thrived on this stuff. If they sold bubblegum chewing packs with cars of popular contestants, someone would’ve made a fortune, back in the day. Watch your favourite gladiator die a bloody death, while chewing on bubble gum. 

Anyway, very few of you reading this would be interested in looking at images of dismembered fetuses, but some of you would be secretly enthralled by the sight of muslim beheadings.Because one is too gory, for even you, my gentle reader to contemplate, yet the other is a story of human tragedy.

Point being, there’s not much difference to the two. We view one as a form of entertainment that we’ve been conditioned to accept as acceptable, and the other as something so barbaric, that it should never be witnessed.


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