Market Basket Case

I have a long-time twitter/facebook friend who first brought to my attention the company Market Basket, a place where she shops, and the turmoil surrounding a change in leadership. Apparently there’s a lot of support for the former CEO, and the employees decided to hold a non-union strike. 

Now, I have some rather deep seated feelings about these kinds of things, and I want to tread carefully in laying out my thoughts, as I’m not saying them to offend a friend, but rather, trying to explore my feelings which are probably going to be at variance with the positions of the supporters. I don’t know enough about the sequence of events, so I guess I’ll start out by posting a few links before going too deep in what I see. 

My initial impression is that this is a made for media story: Evil CEOs, and otherwise happy and content workers who love the company and are trying to save it from becoming something less fantastic than it was. But I also have a mistrust of made for media sensationalism, so, I have a bit of skepticism, starting out.

I suppose I should try to organise the links I post sequentially, or along some lines at some point, but for now, let me just scribble them down as I come across them, and I can try to make some sense of them afterwards.


The source of the feud:



The feud for control of the company


The lawsuit by the fired employees



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