Bringing America Down To Their Level

I read a post called President Humpty the other day. I also heard someone say something that I think is basically true about the people who elected obama, “they want America to be brought down in the eyes of the rest of the world to their level.” To me, the results so far have been both successful, if that was indeed the true goal, and wildly disastrous, as slaughter on continent after continent spread like wildfire. Somewhere I seem to recall hearing there are over 40 wars going on in the planet due to radical islam. Being brought down to the rest of the world’s level means we are going to have to fight it where-ever it exists. Basically, I think World War III has already started, but America is going through its pre-war isolationist phase. We’re going to need some tough people to lead this country, and replace these people who are determined to impose their hard will on the citizens of their own country while yielding to the will of our country’s and our allies’ enemies.


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