Soft War of Words vs. True Evil

flipped on the radio to public radio for a short while, just to get their take on current events. One thing that immediately struck me, is how different the tone of what they say is compared to conservative radio. At first it kinda made me pissed. Later when I turned it back for a few more minutes, listening to a different show, it occurred to me, that there is just a general different mindset organising those thoughts. I don’t want to respond in anger with my thoughts, but let me try to explain how they came across to me.

1st example: talking about a military response to ISIS genocide: “we could find them along the rivers and have an opportunity to weaken them.” This is the one that made me pissed off. “weaken them?” We’re talking about people who are proudly displaying scores of headless bodies on youtube videos. “Weaken them?!” (A comparison made up conservative response: “We need to go over and bomb the shit out of every last one of them.”) The language is so passive, it’s hard to imagine how afraid a terrorist must feel when hearing it.

The 2cd example, a few hours later, I don’t remember verbatim, but paraphrased: We could go over and do a few limited strikes, but certainly we don’t want to send troops on the ground. We don’t want to send that message.

Anyway, the linguistic gymnastics left-thinking people go through aside, it’s clear that our enemies have nothing much to fear from them. It’s always blown me away how willing they’ve been to say what comes across to me as utterly-clueless things: We plan to pull out on this specific date, so if you can just hold out until then, this is all yours. Heck, we’ll even leave you a couple thousand humvees, and so on. No hard feelings, guys, right?

Actually I think Bush said something to the effect of: “we’re coming after you, and any country that harbours you, we’re coming after them to.”

He didn’t actually do that, ‘cuz Pakistan, nukes, but he sent a message, and followed up enough that it was a believable threat.

Also, as someone pointed out: These ISIS guys aren’t just going to settle in a small countryside village in the mountains, once they’re done there, they are going to be going to the next place. Their overall goals are global, not regional.

“‘the people of the South would read in this measure two important conclusions: one, that we were in earnest; and the other, if they were sincere in their common and popular clamor ‘to die in the last ditch,’ that the opportunity would soon come.” – W.T. Sherman



These are going to be all out of context, and I apologise if I am misconstruing the meaning of the full quotes by only posting what I think might be relevant bits of them.


“The United States does and must assert its authority, wherever it once had power; for, if it relaxes one bit to pressure, it is gone…”


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