World War III Started Thousands Of Years Ago. It’s Still Going On Today

World War III has already started. America briefly entered into it, when it landed on our shores on September 11,2001. It landed on our shores before that, the World Trade Center had been bombed before. We decided we wanted out of it for a little while. Sooner or later, we will be forced to enter it again.  According to this 2006 article, there were 31 islamist wars going on in the world at the time. I seem to remember reading the number was over 40, recently.

Meanwhile, the people who elected the current president are seeking to weaken our military, our economy, our culture, and pretty much anything else that has made our country strong enough to endure as long as it has.

While the prime minister of Hungary sounds like a nut, many of the things he cites as reasons for hating us, is basically our culture has gone to shit. That’s pretty much the same reason islamists hate us, although I believe the whole system of islam was created as a system of conquest to begin with. But our decadence hasn’t gone unnoticed. Our lack of basic values is abhorrent to other cultures. While our culture is actively promoting the most hedonistic lifestyle it can imagine, there are still plenty of cultures around the world calling a spade a spade, in my opinion. How many cultures outright outlaw the excesses of self-indulgence our liberty-based system allows? A lot of ’em. Russia and many muslim countries are on the same page on at least that much.

Anyway, I believe World War III has already started. We are currently in an isolationist (and self-dismantling stage, thanks to the people who elected the current president), but some day that war will reach us again.


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