Who Planted That Seed In Your Mind

Sort of a breakthrough I had in my sort of never-ending self-analysis of myself, that sort of came about from my criticism of others. I don’t feel like expounding on it now, but as a sort of place holder, I figured I’d at least write this much.

I’ve noticed in myself and others, a certain “permission” we give ourselves to not exhibit our best behaviour under certain circumstances. While it’s easy to be critical of others, when I finally realised that it was going on, okay, let’s be less passive, that I was *making* certain things happen in my life, things I didn’t want. But there was a point, and I remember when it was, where I suddenly decided to give myself permission to allow this particular indulgence. And the results haven’t been very positive. But once I decided it was okay, I regularly allowed it to go on, much to my detriment.

I’ll try to be more specific when I’m ready. For now, just be aware of how you’re interpreting those messages of how others are setting certain examples in your life, and carefully weigh whether or not you think this is something you think would be healthy or unhealthy to your own well-being to emulate.

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