I Thought Canada State Television Was A Youtube Channel

Well, first a couple articles, and then I’ll get around to why this came to my attention, and if you’re reading this, why I thought I’d share.



Now, I’d come to the conclusion quite quickly before trying to find anything online about it. I’m surprised more isn’t available than I’ve found.

So, if I understand correctly, the CBC receives about 1 billion dollars / year. So, I would expect there be some caveats about political neutrality, but I would expect wrongly. At first, I thought some of the stuff was funny. But the more politically motivated videos I watched, I was a little surprised how unashamedly biased they are. I didn’t realise it was a taxpayer funded cbc show, I thought it was just a youtube channel. Nope, this is what a billion dollars in taxpayer funding buys you if your a state propaganda outlet.

I don’t know much about Canadian politics, but if this is any reflection of how they do things over there, well, they’re a lot farther marxist than I’d realised. Hey, it’s just satire, but the target of the satire seems one-sided. It’s basically government sponsored bullying.





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