When The Mask Comes Off, Who Are You? Who Am I?

I posted this link in the last post, but read something on a different subject I’ve thought about lately, so here it is again.


I haven’t seen this movie or read the book, but reading the review makes me want to.

The point I want to highlight here has to do with the protagonist’s stoicism, as contrasted to that of her mother, who became emotionally distraught after losing her husband.

The reason I want to, is because of something I’ve been thinking about in my own life. For many years, I held up a sort of mask, trying to hide the emotion, and putting on a face of strength to the world. When I tried to get counseling for a childhood event, I allowed that mask to slip away. And in its place, there is a sort of nakedness, and a loss of knowing how to go on, now that I’ve stopped trying to avoid dealing with the emotions. I don’t like the emotions. If I thought I could go back to the way I was, I would probably do it. But, instead, I find myself in a sort of void; unsure of how to re-invent my outer persona, the person I put up as a face to the rest of the world. Because, I guess I feel like you have to have something as a defensive wall against a pretty merciless at times outside world. You just don’t go around sharing everything, I think.

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