Free Market Feminism

This is more random reading from a google search from a tweet. I’ve already read the strange take by the feminist, (linked to in this article). I haven’t read this one yet.


This was also linked in the article. Didn’t read the whole thing, but I thought it was worth highlighting. I was watching a lot of music TV this morning, Started off with Beyonce, who I really liked with destiny’s child, but, I don’t know, she’s become too much of a cultural phenomenon for my tastes. Costumed dance choreography, sassy woman persona. She seems really nice, but sort of unappealing in her choice of culture for my tastes. But, okay, she stood in front of a feminist sign, so is she the personification of that movement, or just cashing in on the buzz, like everybody else? Well, later Katy Perry was on, jumping up and down in glow in the dark neon bra and costume. Lots of jiggy giggity-giggity goin’ on. Is she the personification of that movement? ‘cuz if I had to choose between, I’d probably go with the Katy Perry one.


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