Apologies For Careless Use Of A Word

I probably should apologise for using the word ‘faggot’ a few times recently. I won’t be disingenuous and try to claim I wasn’t meaning to be offensive, I know the word offends people, just as the thought of two men having sex with each other offends me. Strange that the word is deemed offensive, but what it refers to is accepted in quite a bit of modern culture.

So, I’m not the only one who asked this question, because it seems to me, the word to describe females is clinical, and relatively sanitized word: lesbians. Personally, I don’t know too many people who are offended by the lesbians who are just into women, (as opposed to the social justice everything ones), but I think more people have a bit of a problem with, well, the male equivalent, for which the only word that comes to my mind is, indeed faggot, as much as nobody really likes to hear that word these days. If that word offends you, well, you have to understand, for you to call someone a bigot for using a word, you are being a bigot against the person who uses it if they are offended by what the word describes. At least, that’s my opinion, and my opinions don’t carry a lot of popular culture weight. I’m just telling you what I think, and a little about why I think it.

As for the explanations found by the google link, I’m sorry, but ‘gay’ isn’t specific enough to be considered an equivalent to me, as it could refer to either. ‘sodomite’ might work, but, well, it doesn’t seem quite as sterile as ‘lesbian’, so I don’t know. What I do know is I probably wouldn’t call the few gay men I’ve ever known ‘fag’ to their face, so I probably should quit using the word. There’s no point being offensive with no provocation just because I find something disagreeable.

So, sorry if my sloppiness with words offended you. I’d like to say it’ll never happen again, but it seems to happen fairly often, so no guarantees other than I’ll try to do better, but please don’t be surprised, and if something does bug you that I say, by all means, message me, or call me out publicly, but if you’re someone whose friendship I value, please let me try to make things right, and let me know you think I’m wrong.

Edit: Just for the sake of completeness, of course I had to look the word’s origins up.


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