6 year old girls dropping f bombs for feminism – how could any parent be okay with this?

I was kind of surprised to see a mom post that video on facebook with approving comments. I’m not a parent, but my first reaction would be “keep these people as far away from my children as possible.” But, I guess it’s edgy and cool. And women! All things women, all the time. As someone who is probably going to live out the rest of my life as a childless single man, nothing I have to say about anything really matters. The rest of the world will go on teaching their kids that being as offensive as possible is the right way to make a point about, who cares about what, really. That’s just the direction the world is moving in. Teach ’em to behead and post on youtube, that’s how you draw attention to your cause. I think it’s understandable why I’m sick of it all.


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