I Need A New Direction To Grow Toward

I hadn’t realised that one of the sources of agitation was a sweet person who I really like, but I finally parted ways on facebook after realising that the six year olds dropping f bombs was something she approved of. And I thought, no, I don’t even have kids, but I don’t want anyone who thinks that sort of thing is okay clouding up my mind, let alone any hypothetical kids I don’t really have. So, it’s a little quieter on facebook, there are a few other folks who I suspect I’m eventually going to have to figure out. People who add value in addition to the agitation. But, I also need to grow my network, for any number of reasons. One of them being, I’ve noticed I’m often the first person to like one person in particular’s posts, since I don’t follow that many people yet. It probably has gotten a little too stalkery.


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