Outline For A Theory Of Everythingisms

I’ve read a lot, but written very little. So, just to get some things off of my mind, I thought I’d scribble down a hasty outline.

Everything seems like it can be described as isms, so that’s where I want to start. I was never a good student of history, so this may seem amatuerish; an amateurism, if you will.

Looking across the cultural landscape, from where I stand, there are two main driving isms dominating our cultural norms: islamism and feminism. These two things seem to be at great odds with one another, but for some reason, I never seem them discussed together. But how did we get here? Well, I don’t think much has changed about islamism over the thousand plus years it was created, it’s a system of subjugation through utter brutality. That one doesn’t need a whole lot of explaining, but it probably needs to be more widely acknowledged for what it is. Two days after a jihadist goes on a rampage in Canada, I see my liberal friends posting how proud they are to see a community come together to clean up some anti-islam graffiti on a mosque. I think that’s a fine gesture, myself, and I think anti-muslim graffiti on a mosque is not the right way to address things. But I do think that people are going out of their way in a stockholm syndrome way to accomodate a theology that is all about conquest, and they will never ever stand up and acknowledge it. What I see, is that the same people who bend over to accomodate the people from which all of these jihadists come from are the same people who publicly and mercilessly ridicule people from other religions, like Christians. Well, now where does this strange preference for one and disdain for the other come from. Well, from my readings, it would appear that this came from communism. It seems to me like one of the early stated goals of communism trying to infiltrate the United States, in particular, was to destroy a sense of Christian values in our culture. It seems like they’ve largely succeeded, to me, any way. In that cultural void, I think, is where feminism took root, and I’m not talking about suffragism, here. This seems like, as I’m coming to believe of all isms, that is a totalitarianism, not an egalitarianism. That’s just me. Now, personally, I’m beginning to believe that the rapid rise of homosexualism is directly related to the predominance of feminism in our modern society. But again, maybe I’m just drawing conclusions from seeing too much of the wrong side of things. The wrong side of things? Well, yes. That’s a topic for another day.

I’ll leave with this. Communism and atheism, I think are directly relate-able concepts. I see plenty of libertarian atheisms, but I think in the long run, they both end up at the same place, and I don’t think libertarians will see it that way. I’ve professed myself an atheist since about 3rd or 4th grade, maybe a little later, but to me, I just said, I don’t believe any of this shit, and went on with my life. I think a lot of the turmoil in my life has been related to just trying to sort this stuff out. I dabbled with trying to go back to being a christian, but it just seemed to leave me in a constant state of trying to convince myself that what I was trying to believe was real, no matter how much I didn’t really believe it was. Anyway, I’m wandering all over the place, but here’s the question that I’m sure I’m not the only one to ask: If you believe in atheism, how do you define what is evil? I ask this, because I am certain that there is something we all agree is evil, but there are other things which we do not agree are evil. The question is, where do you draw the line? Religion, to me, seems to deal in absolutes, while not-religion seems to deal in relativism. On the one hand, there is this barbaric islamism causing wanton horror and destruction in its battle of what it views as evil. Where are we, as a culture, when it comes to what’s on the other hand?

In summary. I think communism led to atheism led to feminism led to whatever the hell ism we are at now. Where ever it is, it seems like we had better get our shit together, because we seem like we are not united enough to stand up to what is facing us.


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