The Politics Of Earning A Living

I need to change a lot of things in my life, right now. I need to start growing a network, instead of just keeping up with a close circle of friends that I can speak my mind with without having to worry about whether what I’m saying is right or wrong. I’ve been using the internet as a place to air my deep thoughts and feelings about things, and that’s just not the right way to go about things.

I’ve thought about ditching the username ‘motownmutt’ almost as soon as I started using it online. It was a CB handle I made up when I was 18. I resurrected it when I got my first personal email address probably around 1996. I actually switched to it as a username on web forums from another name that I think most people, including myself liked better. I felt kind of phony, since I hadn’t lived in Detroit in quite some time, by that point, but, well, I stuck with it. Here it is some 14 years later, and it’s not just an anonymous username on the internet. Thanks to social media, I’ve started meeting people in real life who know me by that name.

Now, I’ve also used this username for social commentary on all sorts of hot button topics, and I usually have some pretty controversial things to say about most of them. And that’s starting to become the issue, here. Let’s just suppose a gay couple wanted me to play guitar at their wedding. I would probably do it, even though I don’t agree with the premise of gay marriage. Well, I might. I mean, to me, it’s a case by case thing. The thing is, the fact that I’ve taken so many controversial positions on so many wide ranges of topics, means I’ll probably not work very much under the moniker ‘motownmutt’, or at least, I’m sure to be shooting myself in the foot, pretty regularly by continuing to share my personal thoughts online.

So, on the one hand, it’s kind of evidence that the silencing of political dissent does eventually work, on the other, I need to make some improvements in my standard of living.


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