Gruber, Power Grabs, and A Divided People

Government is good at power. The one clear unstated objective that comes out of this Jonathon Gruber contemptousness is that obamacare was designed to get rid of employer health care. Whether or not that is a worthy objective or not is a separate issue of conspiring to defraud the American public through bald faced lies. These people would be charged with federal racketeering if they did this in the public sector.

Just as obamacare was designed to get money out of the private sector and flowing into government burauecracies, global warming climate change policies are designed to take money out of the private sector and put into bureaucracies via carbon taxes and, well, offsets, or whatever more palatable name they come up with. The end goal is the same: centralize power in the government, and strip it from people. The political powers that be want people divided, because a united people is a threat to their centralization of power.

I don’t believe this is a new concept, but we are seeing firsthand what happens when the government becomes less and less accountable, and more and more powerful.

I disagree with bible thumpers on many things, but at least I know they have a moral code they try to live by. These people shamelessly lying to promote their agenda have no such moral compass to steer by. They simple can’t be trusted at their word. What’s missing is the united will of the people to start prosecuting these people for their crimes.


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