Giving Government More Power Does Not Lessen Corporate Influence On Government

postulate: big corporations have too much influence on government.
postulate: you can not decrease big corporations’ influence on government by giving the government more power.

  • Every time you elect someone to pass more laws to reign in corporate influence, you essentially do the opposite, by giving the government more power. The corporate influence doesn’t go away. They just help craft the legislation You, The People have insisted needed to be passed. You, The People can pat yourself on the back for feeling like you were a part of some historic legislation, while They, The Corporations can now influence more appointed bureaucrats You, The People insisted were necessary to limit They, The Corporations’ influence.

    The alternative, is rather than giving the government more power, you limit the government’s power. The corporate influence doesn’t go away, but it has less sway. I sort of believe that was the very point of dividing the authority of the government into separate branches; to limit what the government can do.

    The consent of the governed is not what we have going on right now, when a multi-millionaire government consultant brags all over the country how they set out to deceive the voters, (democrats, in this case), to pass a law that fundamentally alters 1/6th of our economy, and makes criminals subject to harassment by the tax collector out of citizens for not buying a government-mandated product.


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