The Words I Preface Thoughts With

I’ve been paying attention to my words a little more closely lately, in particular the words I start sentences off with, usually in my thoughts, but I do it out loud to. I’ve been catching myself, and sometimes correcting myself. As the title states, the words in particular are the ones I start sentences out with: “I wish…” “I hate…” “I don’t like…”  I’ve been trying to come up with better ways to say things, to focus on the things I want to happen, rather than the ones I don’t. Case in point, for example from a brief exchange of ideas with a facebook friend:

“I’m teaching myself little things like this. “I hope I get all of the water in the cup” instead of “I hope I don’t spill any water.” Seems silly, but I do believe in the power of semantics to influence thoughts and behaviour.” “what I noticed after I typed my little example is it teaches you to focus on the outcome you want, instead of the one you don’t.”

Now, I’ve been unhappy with my current domicile situation for a while now, and found myself saying and thinking “I need to get out of this situation.” which totally focuses on the negative feelings I’m having about my current situation. Instead, I’ve been trying to teach myself to say “I need to get into a place of my own.” or some variation.

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