Homemade Paddleboard Testing #4

Well, forgot to get a photo after paddle floaty board testing today. – so, I started paddling up the river, and was thinking, wow, this is a major improvement over last time I paddled at this location. Then I nearly crashed into the dock, and realised I was going with the tide and wind. So, that was a major mistake, because getting under that bridge against the wind and tide proved to be a long time of paddling and not getting any where. I was reminded why one of the first things I bought for the kayak was an anchor; so you can take a break from paddling without losing ground. I eventually made it to the island to the West of the bridge, but starting drifting backwards with the current, so paddled back to the bridge. Didn’t feel like going back in, so just kind of paddled around the bridge, where I kept getting into paddling in place scenarios. So, eventually, a couple on a motor boat came over and asked if I wanted a ride out to the sandbar at the mouth of the pass. I said sure, and though 2 of us suggested waiting to get to the other side of the bridge, the boat owner tried idling against the current and had his wife hold the wheel. Well, we started to drift into the bridge, and the wife gunned the motor, however it was in reverse, so we bumped the bridge pretty hard. (didn’t look like any visible cracks, just scuffed up the rubber trim a little.) Any way, so they drove me up to the sandbar, and I paddled around the mouth of the pass for a while. Wasn’t able to paddle through, not surprisingly, but it still was nicer than being stuck at the bridge, knowing I could turn around and drift back easily.

Overall, the biggest thing I got out of today’s testing was developing my paddling technique. I obviously want to reconfigure things on the bottom of the board at some point, but as hard as it is to move through the water, it has been stable enough to stand on, and hasn’t broken up yet. It’s a long way from sea worthy, but well, might as well learn the paddle technique on a clunky barge. I suspect I will get impatient and rearrange some things before I’ve really gotten the most out of the current set up, but, well, I’m going to have to risk a couple spills in the drink, sooner or later. Would like it to be when the water’s a little warmer, just in case, but I doubt I can wait that long


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