The Key

Been thinking about a girl I knew in juniour high school lately. We were best buddies, in a sense, but we never were huggy kissy romantically involved. Caused a lot of friction between the guys she dated and myself. Ended up spending the night in jail with a couple of ’em.

I hear a lot about not dwelling on the past. On the surface, that’s probably good advice. But scratch a little deeper, and you might come to realise it is our past that guides our actions and behaviours in the present, and so shape our future. If you never learn that putting your hand on a hot stove results in a burned hand, well, you’re just going to be caught in a cycle of making the same mistakes over and over again. No, we learn things from our past, and learn to recognise patterns that lead to outcomes. If you find yourself in the same pattern you’ve found yourself in before, and didn’t like how things turned out, well, maybe it’s time to adjust the sails a little and take a different tack.


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