A BFF Commitment Ceremony In Oklahoma

I read a story today about a couple of women who decided to hold a public ceremony committing to each other in the way a marriage is held. It touched on the fact that they were in a very conservative part of the country, and the details of who RSVPed they were and weren’t coming and all of that. It was very much a human interest story. The people who didn’t go the ceremony didn’t reject the people at the heart of the story, they just felt uncomfortable with calling it a “wedding”. They were all people who knew each other, accepted one another, and so on. That seems to be the thing that doesn’t get sensationalised in the media headlines; we don’t reject the individuals involved in the story, there’s just a foreign concept we are being asked to make a decision on, when we’re pretty much okay with whatever. We like the people involved in the story, we’re just uncomfortable with how it’s being framed.

I think everybody pretty much agrees the tax codes, and hospital visitations, and myriad of other details can be handled adequately with existing laws. But it’s the insistence that people who are uncomfortable explaining the technical details to children of two guys stating that they are married must accept that language to describe the arrangement, well, I, personally can see why some people would be uncomfortable with that. But to be on their side means media shitstorm pariah-hood.

They obviously wanted some public ceremony, recognising their BFF status to the world. It’s a little more palatable to most people, I think, when it’s two women than when it’s two men. Just human nature, I think. I don’t think a lot of people are really ready for the whole “gender-neutral” movement. I think a lot of people are just fine with men being men, and women being the crazy people men try to keep happy without whom they wouldn’t have much reason to live.

If the “let’s everyone be for the gays” movement would be more considerate about how others might react, they would probably gain more acceptance. But it always seems like they are going specifically to the places where they know they are most likely to meet with resistance to force their alternative lifestyle on people least likely to really want to have to explain it to the kids.

And that’s the media sensationalism at work. Two women held a BFF commitment ceremony doesn’t grab your attention. Most people wouldn’t give two flying monkey butts about that. But the media insists on stirring up people’s emotions, because without doing that, they fear they would become obsolete. No, there is a deliberate poke those who might be offended in the eye element to almost all of these stories.


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