A Fireworks Ceremony

A New Year’s Eve Fireworks Ceremony

The city council was tasked with determining a fireworks ceremony.

They had a list of possible sites, but they determined the city property adjacent to Big Jim’s property was most suitable. It had available parking, adequate back drop to shoot the fireworks, and a pretty view over the water as a backdrop.

Big Jim was a Vietnam veteran, who’d been diagnosed with post traumatic stress syndrome. He didn’t want the fireworks being shot off in his back yard.

The townspeople rallied behind the city council’s chosen site. C’mon, Big Jim, this site is perfect.

Big Jim was insistent, Listen, I just can’t deal with the thought of explosions going off scaring the dogs and myself.

Pretty soon, the townspeople were a little bummed. They didn’t want to offend Big Jim in any way but they didn’t want to have to pay five bucks for parking at the alternate site the council had chosen. Pretty soon, the sort of let Big Jim know, in their own way, that they weren’t happy with him holding up the fireworks display at their ideally located site.

Big Jim tried to be understanding, but he insisted that he didn’t think it was a good idea, even though he was the only one who might have a negative reaction to what the townspeople proposed to do.

Pretty soon, people sort of stopped talking to Big Jim. They might make the occasional cursory greeting, but then they would avert their eyes. They didn’t really want to let on what people were saying about him behind his back.

The show must go on.


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