Keep Your Thoughts To Yourself


I bite my tongue a lot because it hurts my social life to speak my mind all of the time.

Once I open up, I tend to share everything, and I think many people aren’t ready for that. See here:

And so, when I speak my mind about something that others feel strongly and differently about, sometimes I don’t hear from them again. Which is kind of sad, because I was just stating how I feel about something, but it has a tendency to get me automatically shut out of conversations on the topic at hand. So, I need to start keeping a diary, instead of posting my thoughts where others can see and judge them quickly, without exploring *why* I feel the way I do. It’s enough that I felt this way, and I must be banished because I did. Never mind that I’m a pretty open person to new ideas. It’s just the way it goes in a rapid everything is entertainment internet world we live in.


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