Replacing A Society’s Value System – Soon You Will All Be Dead

I got to thinking about things, and realised something. It sort of grew out of a conversation I recently had with my sister, when she said “Dad is *really* hard on the boys.” I guess I’d noticed that he was really easy on the girls, but I hadn’t thought about it that way, before. Anyway, pops and I enjoyed a brief period of a couple of years where we got along half decently. But for the most part, and this probably comes from something I read a long time ago that I don’t wish to repeat because I don’t recall how it was worded, but many years ago, I had the feeling that I would not be able to get started with my life until my father passed away. Horrible thought, isn’t it? But it’s been in the back of my mind for years. As long as I have to live with the disapproval and disappointment, I don’t feel like I’ll ever get started on my own path through life. This is something that makes me feel guilt for feeling, but it’s just something I read once, that sort of grew from a seed into it’s own little back of the mind garden variety weed in my thoughts.

I recently was going through the things I posted on here, and one of the things I read was an old Hitler quote. Understand, my father fought in that war, and so a lot of what I grew up with was understanding the pivotal role the people of my father’s generation played in world events, which are now forgotten history to the younger generations*. If I ever stop being a lazy blogger, I’ll go back and dig up the exact quote, but in a nutshell it was “we don’t care if you oppose us. Your children are already in our camp, they only know the world as we’ve taught them. Pretty soon, you’ll be dead, and what you think won’t matter.”

So, this morning I woke up, and for whatever reason, started thinking about things. It’s a curse, I guess. Maybe things would be easier for me if I just woke up and got high and just started laughing about silly inconsequential things instead of thinking about bigger things that I don’t have the power to change. I got to thinking about how the progressive movement appeals to the younger generation by giving them stuff. I got to thinking about how obamacare puts people before an advisory board to decide if they are worth treating or not. I got to thinking about how the progressive’s line of thought relies on the older generation’s values to die off with the older generations. Bam.

It led me to this thought: When a society’s master plan relies on the older generation’s values dying off, that society is doomed. When Hitler started slaughtering the Jews, well, that’s what that was about, wasn’t it? When Boko Haram runs helter skelter burning Christian churches and slaughtering civilians, well, that’s what that’s about, really, isn’t it?

The millineals are in the peak of their lives right now. They are young and the world is giving them everything they’ve asked of it. Their new value system has all but replaced the value system that was in place when my father’s generation was defeating Hitler’s value system. They preach tolerance of all things, except tolerance of people who hold on to the previous generation’s value system. They can’t wait till the people who hold on to that value system are gone.

*see Godwin’s Law, in which anyone who brings up the lessons of my father’s generation are dismissed.


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