If You Want Something Done

Our office manager said the other day “If you ever want to get something done, get a woman involved.” Now, on the one hand, lol, well, never mind. Let’s talk about the other hand. I saw firsthand an example of this today regarding something or the other. (yes, I’m being vague, again, but I still don’t feel comfortable writing about specific people I saw just an hour or so ago).

I’ll have to admit, while being vague about the details, it was an impressive example, to me, of how women work together. Now, I work with mostly women, and I think they do a fair job at making the world go ’round. But this was more informal, and, well, I don’t have the right words at the moment.

Just thought I’d throw down this little place marker for later, maybe, if I ever decide to explain the nuances.

Also, thank you, ladies.


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