Racing Dogs

Let’s not mince words, here. I’ve never been a fan of greyhound racing. I’ve seen the injuries from dogs that took a tumble on the track.

Edit: update: I was a little concerned, since I’m relatively new to the area, that I’d go making enemies by saying something about this. I know there is money involved, I know the vet who services the dogs; his livelihood is based on treating the dogs, so I kind of understand it’s a complicated issue. I was just stating my personal opinion, that’s all. Imagine my surprise when a local had the track sign in her facebook wallpaper; I immediately thought, oh, great, now I’ve P.O.ed the owner. Turns out she was posed at the sign in protest, so my mortification turned to relief. I still don’t want to piss any one off about it, but, well, if you’re one of those who go out and protest this kind of thing, I have to admit, I admire your courage.

There’s a local event planned around protesting greyhound racing here, if you’re interested.


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