Picayune State Forest Equestrian Trails


I don’t know exactly where I was, and I was off the trails, as well as on some pretty unbeaten paths today on my bike.

Right click> Open in new tab, for the following pics. They load kind of slow on this computer, anyway.


A less traveled trail about 100 yards in from the parking area.


The less traveled trail eventually links up with a N-S main trail along the fenceline.


Sand is rough going on a bicycle.


My bike resting at a hitching post.


As noisy as the bike is, I’m surprised I see any wildlife at all. Both times have been deer, so far.


Don’t know what the white paint on the trees signify, but I rode around looking for a trail and didn’t find one.


Vegetation lower than a horse’s belly signals you are on the unbeaten path.


Major intersection. 4 way stop not required, though.


Thankfully, there was a Range Rover out and about, which packs the sand down making it more rideable. The horses’ tend to make it pretty unsuitable for biking on, but you do get a workout.

20150215_123715 20150215_125623 20150215_130021 20150215_130304 20150215_130646

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