Social Media Leaves Me Feeling Lost

Since I never really engaged in social media to enhance my profession, it’s always left me feeling a little cold. I guess I’ve always used it to make and talk to friends. I never really had a business plan that I used social media to enhance. But when twitter came out, I started talking to people online who were using the internet to enhance their businesses, and in some cases becoming friends with them. But in all of those years, I still haven’t been able to figure out how to use it to benefit myself, while it seems like everyone is doing quite well with it. I know it’s not good to find yourself comparing yourself to others, but when my everyone else around you is enjoying success, and your own life doesn’t seem to be improving, well, it makes you wonder why am I doing this? Sure there were countless good laughs, some shared memories, all good and valuable stuff. But career wise, I’m back at the bottom of square one, while everyone else seems to be enjoying an improved lifestyle for their efforts. It just makes me crazy. I’m lucky to know the people I know through social media, but no one seems to know where I fit in. There’s lots of good suggestions, but I guess I’ve just reached my wit’s end. I’ve tried so many things that haven’t worked out.


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