Probably My First Crush

Some sage advice, mostly for women, I suppose, but there’s one in particular that hits a note:

Compliment or see the best in others; project your highest quality feelings to other people. This is the mirror you want. In economics, it’s called leverage. If wealth can be leveraged, so can beauty.

Now, there’s more to it. First of all, as I titled this, she probably was my first crush, as the TV show I first saw her in was pretty darn sultry for a kids show. I just found her youtube channel today, and never saw this show before, but it’s also pretty darned racy. I used to watch The Monkees tv show, so I’ve probably seen this before. Kinda dumb, and silly, looking at it now, but it was what we watched back then, and it probably does say something about how goofy guys act around girls, as well as how goofy girls act around guys. Finally, this was before my time, but I thought it was interesting, just to see what entertainment was like just a few years before all the silly stuff came around.

Finally, ironically, because I now use a leaf blower to make a living, I frickin’ hate the damned things, too. So, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels that way.


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