Battling Fatigue

Highs yesterday were in the 87-88 degree F range yesterday.

I generally drink enough water during the weekdays, but not as much on weekends, and I’ve been noticing the deficit.

Throwing daylight savings in the mix has had me up at 3:10 AM the past 3 nights in a row.

Decided to throw on a thicker, non-stretch pair of jeans yesterday, and man, I noticed the difference. I probably do a thousand deep knee bends per day, plus climbing over trailer tongue, or up and down the ladder a couple of dozen times, etc. Not having any give in the crotch area of the jeans definitely seems to contribute to fatigue, and that is the name of the game, here, whether it’s getting enough to eat, drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, or wearing clothes that add a few ounces in weight and resistance in movement, trying to reduce fatigue is what I’m battling with.

Being fatigued leads to unclear thinking, something I noticed more recently at my last jobs, where I always tried to make sure to stop and get something to eat, even if just a snack, before switching between tasks, especially tasks that require clear thinking, or special challenges.


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