When All Of A Sudden, You Get A Song You’ve Heard A Million Times Before

Catching myself indulging in a little self pity this afternoon. It’s a beautiful day, hopefully I don’t dwell on it too long. I guess I’m an emotional person, so I gets the feels every now and then. Never really learned to control that very well.

Heard a song on the radio, song I’ve heard a million times before, and never really cared much for it, but for the first time, it really found its mark, and I found I was connecting to it, I was actually *liking* the song, for the first time. It’s a sappy song, and I never really had a whole lot of sappy stuff go on in my life, so I never related to it before. For some reason, today, I did.

It made me think, maybe I really just need to go out and get my heart really good and broken, just so I can identify more with what the normal, “knowing” people know. That’s how it seems to me a lot of the time, that people “know” stuff, and through that lens they judge all things in the world around them. I haven’t experienced those things to any degree, I don’t “know” about a lot of stuff that others seem to have had imparted through the wisdom of their years. Maybe if I went out and got really heartbroken, for real, over something, then maybe all of the songs on the radio will all suddenly make sense to me, all at once. A grand epiphany of understanding what the hell everybody’s been talking about for all of these years. I don’t know.


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