For The First Time In My Life

For the first time in my life, I think I have a support system, if you want to call it that. As I pulled in to the yard this morning, my clutch pedal finally gave up the ghost. I’d been limping along for a week, I knew it was going; I had ordered the part. It was supposed to arrive yesterday, but yesterday I was busy getting a surgeon I work for to patch me up, and going to get a tetanus shot, and getting a prescription for antibiotics, (I hadn’t even thought about that, when I started this post, I was just thinking about today), so yesterday, I was preoccupied with not losing my finger, and didn’t remember to go pick up the new clutch cylinder. Well, there I was, struggling to try to get something rigged up so I would be able to go pick up my part after work and try to replace it.

The foreman convinced me to go out on the job, I was seriously considering just spending the day “getting myself unfucked” as I put it at the time, but the crew was waiting in the truck, and, well, I left the truck in the yard after texting the first person to come to mind, saying, hey, I might need help.

In between doing my job, I texted the next person to come to mind, a client I’ve worked for for about 2 and a half years, asking if he could pick up the part for me, explaining the situation: Truck is stranded in Estero, the part is in North Naples, I’m on a job with a crew in Bonita Springs, and can’t get away. Remarkably, to me, he went and picked up the part, and met me at the gate. Okay, that solved a big part of the problem. I now had the part I needed. Incidentally, and coincidentally, as I was going to meet him at the gate, I saw the the first person I texted was working right down the street from me. Talk about a small world. Anyway, that sort of gave me a boost in morale.

Finally, after finishing our route, I got back to the yard, and started trying to replace the part. I didn’t have the right tools, on hand, so I asked one of the guys from another crew if he had a socket set. He helped me try to get the old cylinder assembly out until his ride showed up and he had to leave.

Finally, the foreman from the morning showed up. Once he started working on it, it was clear there wasn’t much more I could do. Once we got the old assembly out, I buttoned up things inside the cab, but he did the lion’s share of the work, and it wasn’t an easy task.

I’ve been limping along with that thing gradually failing for so long, that I wasn’t sure what the pedal was supposed to feel like, but, well, it got me home, and I owe it to a lot of people helping me out.

So, I’m grateful and feel indebted. This morning I was ready to call it quits. I felt like I’d driven myself and my truck into the ground, and there wasn’t anything left to give. But being on the receiving end of people going out of their way to help me out of a pinch, well, I guess I do feel indebted. So, thank you, people who do stuff like that for me, and others who are in need of a little help.


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