Motown Mutt On Facebook No More, Victim Of Greyhound Racers?

Yesterday after work, when I went to facebook, I was prompted to “Please Log In To Continue”, and when I went to log in, was prompted to update with my real name. Well, bummer, I thought. So I gave ’em my name, and regained my account. I’ve mentioned before motownmutt is something I’ve gone by in public communications since 1984, but rules are rules.

Later that night, I got a facebook notification; someone had reported a photo I posted as a violation “for nudity”. It was a picture I had posted of two men bagging up a dead greyhound from the bonita springs greyhound dog race track. So, I can hazard a guess who reported my profile to facebook.

I’m not all that passionate about greyhound racing one way or the other, but I am very sickened to see injured dogs being put down. I posted that photo on a group that protests the local race track, then pretty much forgot about it. I probably wouldn’t have had much more to say about it until now. I personally am sickened, but I wasn’t really going to devote much time or effort toward it one way or another.

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