Greyhound Racing: The Other Side Of The Issue

Now, my first impression of the folks who lobby for greyhound racing isn’t too favourable, as my first experience with them is their facebook group ganging up to report me to facebook for posting a picture of a dead greyhound being bagged up. They reported both my account, since I’ve been using a pseudonym for the 7 1/2 years I’ve had the account, and the picture “for nudity”, (it was a picture of two guys leaning into one of the kennel trucks, one of them holding the biohazard bag they were putting the dead dog into, nothing explicitly graphic).

So, okay, well, they say first impressions count.

Now, I actually was interested in hearing the kennel owner’s side of the story when they decided to bombard the facebook event page, and kind of wish they had been civil, and not gotten blocked, but they pretty clearly were aggressively targeting people who commented on the thread for harassment. Like I said, first impressions count. They came across as a mob of bullies.

I remember seeing this anti-greyhound racing group outside the race track before, and didn’t think much of it; made a facebook comment about it, and drove on. Wasn’t too interested in the protest, even though I kind of secretly, I suppose, at the time, was with them in spirit. As I’ve said several times before, I have seen injured greyhounds, and it moves me to pity them. I’m not on a crusade. I’m just a casual observer who happens to feel sympathy when I see injured animals.

So, let’s leave that all aside for now. I realise that there is an industry and moneyed interests involved, and I knew from the start I would have to speak carefully about my concern at the risk of offending the people who have a vested interest. It seemed to me, at first, that there might be civil discussion. I don’t know anything more about the industry than what I’ve stated.

So, I figured there would be a professional lobbying organisation related to the industry, and so there is. Obviously, I think they would present themselves in a little better of a light than just a facebook internet mob of bullies trying to shout down their opposition that I seem to have run across. Here is a post from the other side of the story that hopefully isn’t quite as acrimonious as the group that I seem to have come under fire from:


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