Stuff About Caring For Greyhounds

Very simply, I see greyhounds with injuries, and am moved to compassion for them. I don’t care that much about greyhound racing, and wouldn’t be looking this stuff up this morning, except for someone deciding to come after me. I know a veterinarian who makes his living caring for the dogs from the racetrack. I’m fully aware that people’s livelihoods are intertwined with the breed. It is my compassion for the dogs, and not any animosity towards those who make a living breeding, raising, and racing them that is my motivation for highlighting this. To me, greyhound racing seems inhumane, and I base this on my own personal observations of injured dogs. Maybe you have a different point of view, and I am open to listening to it. I’m not sure why my concern would cause someone to call me “slum” or whatever. There is something going on here, that I don’t quite grasp; I point out that I witness these injured dogs, and people seem offended by me noticing. I don’t get it.


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