Rate Limiting Factors


While interest rates remain low, we are experiencing a boom in development down here in southwest Florida. While the subject of interest rates is a subject for another day, the subject of growth is an ongoing one. It has struck me for a while now, that because of the protected lands to the East of Bonita Springs, Florida, the plans for future development, and yes, infrastructure planning are limited in a unique way. To me, it represents an interesting challenge, and maybe a unique opportunity, as small towns are often trying to find ways to preserve their small town charm, even while undergoing drastic changes toward what I guess I could call “assimilation”, in that driving along a major coastal roadway, you can’t really distinguish one town from the next without really looking hard.

It reminds me of what a friend of mine said when I first moved to a small desert town in New Mexico, “it’s nothing but a wide spot in the road”.

edit: Ten Principles For Coastal Development: (PDF)

edit: A Comprehensive Plan For Manatee County, (the summary of goals is what I found interesting here).

edit: http://articles.latimes.com/1986-09-18/news/we-10997_1_city-plan


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