Spent An Afternoon Checking Out The Sights In Bonita

I found some of the comments here enlightening, especially those with family who were forced to relocate to designate a wetland, or something. I’ve come to believe the word wetland is kind of a relative term, as it applies to Florida.


I spent most of my afternoon in bonita springs today, just sort of soaking in what it is today, and like so many other places, with the stories of how it used to be, businesses that are operating today, and how people envision its future in mind. I thought, now is the time to be organising photowalks, because 20 years from now, the place is bound to look much different, that much is certain.

Stopped by Stan’s Subs, who I found out about from facebook. Noticed Shangri-Li Resort was having an art fair, so stopped in and checked it out. On my way back to the car, decided to take as many pictures of the buildings as they are now, just for posterity. The facebook group from old timers reminescing definitely affected how I perceive the crossroads the city seems to be at today. Everything is growing so fast around it, and within it, but what it is turning into seems to be what’s on a lot of people’s minds, as well as mine, I guess.

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